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The Ecozoom Versa stove uses wood, charcoal or solid biomass fuel. It is perfect for camping, outdoor cooking and emergency preparedness. The Versa provides great efficiency and heat output when cooking with wood and offers a more controlled cooking experience while using charcoal. The fully insulated vertical combustion chamber forces gases to mix with the flames, leading to decreased harmful emissions while boasting tremendous fuel efficiency. Both the main combustion chamber door and the damper door have reinforced metal frames with hinges to securely close the doors for regulation of airflow.

Product Features

  • Abrasion resistant, lightweight ceramic fibre insulation
  • Refractory metal lining and 3 ­pronged universal cast iron stove top
  • Internal grate to hold both wood and charcoal
  • Painted sheet metal body with reinforced doors
  • Comes with stick support
  • Can support a flat or round bottomed pan, as well as stainless steel handles with silicone grips to assist you in moving the stove
  • Great for camping
  • Perfect for the outdoor
  • Nifty product


  • Colour: Grey
  • Materials: Cold rolled steel, cast iron, hard baked ceramic and rubber handles
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Dimensions: 29cm x 29cm x 32.5cm
  • Packaged dimensions: 24cm x 29cm
  • Weight: 8.92kg
  • Packaged weight: 9.42kg

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