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AFRITRAIL is a leading brand in the South African outdoor market supplying a range of outdoor camping items, apparel and accessories. Having carefully considered the outdoor market it was decided to launch a range of long shelf life food products and accessories to complement the current outdoor range.

In implementing this strategy AfriTrail teamed up with a respected Southern African manufacture of long shelf life food products for outdoor, military
and disaster relief operations using cutting edge technology and the latest developments in food preparation and storage.

Our range of products is designed to be shelf stable at ambient temperatures for up to 2 years. They are formulated to sustain individuals for differing
periods of time and include packs and accessories for active individuals for up to a day.

The products are packaged for convenience, ease of use, rough treatment and provide delicious nourishment to the end users involved in military
manoeuvres , security operations, hikers, campers, fishermen and security personnel to name but a few. They are preservative free and need no refrigeration or freezing to stay fresh.

Based on the concepts developed by the American Military our market leading Meal- Ready-to-Eat (MRE) is a concept which allows users to choose the type of nutrition that suits their palette from a range of meals and complementary items. Our MRE has the flexibility of being able to add additional items from an extensive list for larger customers to tailor packs for regional in individual tastes.

Our meals were formulated to provide hearty home-style meals. They were formulated by our Brazilian chef who trained in Italy. They provide nutritious meals that give you the feeling that you are eating at home. In selecting the meals careful consideration was taken to select ingredients that suited the preparation process.


A key factor in the preparation of long shelf life food is to ensure that the final products are of a quality to provide the consumer with a meal that is
enjoyed at any time.

It has been shown in numerous studies that an active male of average size will consume around 17500 kilojoules per day. To ensure individuals are able to maintain high levels of performance, energy should be maintained by eating nutritious meals.
Should the individual not receive sufficient kilojoules they will use reserves and for extended periods of time this could cause weight and energy loss.

Each meal provides up to 1200 Calories (1200 kcal or 5000 kJ). They are intended to be eaten for a maximum of 21 days (the assumption is that logistics units can provide fresh food rations by then), and have a shelf life of two years (depending on storage conditions). Packaging requirements are strict. MRE’s must be able to withstand parachute drops from 380 meters, and non-parachute drops of 15 meters. The packaging is required to maintain a minimum shelf life of two years at 27 °C, nine months at 38 °C, and short durations from −51 °C to 49 ° must be sustainable.
Each MRE weighs 250 to 300 grams, depending on the menu. Since MREs contain water, they weigh more than freeze-dried meals providing equivalent
calories but this format was found to be more convenient as the food did not require extended periods of rehydration and heating to infuse the water back into the pack.

The 24 hour pack is formulated to provide up to 3000 calories (3000 kcal or 14000 Kj) and follows the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner formats
with a range of meals, beverages and snacks to compliment the main entrees.

A typical pack would include porridge oats or granola for breakfast, tea or coffee, crackers cheese and biscuits. The main meal would have an entrée and a starch with a of an energy bar or fruit.
The evening meal could also include a soup, an entrée and a snack with tea and coffee to follow.

No expense has been spared in the selection of meat and vegetables and we prepare our meals using the same meat as is found in the leading premier supermarkets in South Africa.

To achieve and to maintain standards we ensure our beef maintains the following standards.
• Strict supplier checks- We only use approved abattoirs and suppliers who comply with strict criteria relating to standards of hygiene; structure and maintenance; total quality management; and ethics.
• Annual audits- Our abattoirs and suppliers undergo independent annual audits on hygiene and people ethics.
• Stringent hygiene standards -Our suppliers perform constant checks on the temperature of raw materials, pH levels post slaughter, and micro-organism and bacteria counts of raw materials, and ensure traceability throughout processing.
• Animal welfare Animal- Welfare is a high priority and we do have regular audits at farms and abattoirs to ensure that the animals are treated as
humanely as possible.
• Traceability and grades- We don’t want you to be confused about what meat you’re eating, so we specify the grade of meat used in every product.
Our meat is also traceable to the abattoir.

Our chicken is also of a top quality and we differentiate ourselves by: Chicken feed- Our chickens feed on a diet that is free from animal by-products and consists only of grains and pulses.
Matured for succulence - Our skinless breast fillets are matured on the bone for a minimum of 8 hours to ensure that the meat is tender and succulent.
When we mature the breast fillets, the enzymes naturally present in the poultry meat, start breaking down the proteins and tenderize the meat so that you get juicy chicken breasts, every time.
Air-chilled chicken- We air-chill our chickens, rather than water chill. Air chilling helps to maintain the natural juices and flavor of the chicken with no excess water absorption. This means you’re only paying for chicken, and not water.

Perfectly trimmed - We are perfectionists when it comes to removing unwanted excess fat, skin and bone.

Guaranteed freshness - We perform extensive microbial testing on the chicken we prepare for you, which means we guarantee its freshness and safety, every time.

Animal welfare- Animal welfare is a high priority and we have regular audits at farms and abattoirs to ensure that the animals are treated humanely.

We also have a documented set of animal welfare standards to which each and every farmer and producer must comply. Our meals are prepared in accordance with strict ISO 2002 guidelines with complete traceability, record keeping and exceptional standards of hygiene.

In addition to meeting regulatory standards and compliance , the manufacturing facility has an in-house laboratory to ensure regular testing and all
batches are sent for outside testing for and extra check for quality. For ultimate peace of mind, each meal type has a NRCS Certificate of Compliance,
which guarantees food safety.

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